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The Five Stages of Grief & Type 1 Diabetes: Denial

Denial: (noun) The action of declaring something to be untrue. The Oxford Dictionary Denial is the first stage of grief. They say it's to help us survive the loss. I remember the phone call from the doctors office very vividly on the day I was diagnosed. I was at work, lifeguarding at my local YMCA.… Continue reading The Five Stages of Grief & Type 1 Diabetes: Denial

Chronic Illness, mental health, Type 1 Diabetes

The Good Diabetic

Good: adjective. To be desired or approved of. The Oxford Dictionary I share a lot of aspects of my life with people, and I find that I am the most open about my life with Type 1 Diabetes. This wasn't something that happened overnight, but rather it came from me being frustrated with stereotypes surrounding… Continue reading The Good Diabetic