Lows & Half Marathons

Last year, I woke up one Saturday morning at 5am and got ready for my second half marathon. I ate my typical pre-run breakfast and mentally prepared for the 13.1 miles that I’d be running that morning. While I wasn’t 100% confident on how this race would go, I laced up my shoes to join […]

How I Get Through Outdoor Runs During the North Dakota Winter

I’m sure many of you know by now that I live in the warm and sunny state of North Dakota. Just kidding. It’s the beginning of October and there was a blizzard a few days ago. It’s the opposite of warm and sunny here. Despite the fact that I complain about the weather a lot, […]


*I just wanna warn everyone that this post talks about a sensitive issue & my own battles with mental illness.* Diabetes is a full time job. You think about it 24/7. Did I bolus for that meal? Did I bolus enough? How many carbs are is this meal? Will I go low over night and […]

From Chronically Injured to Chronically Ill

I had no plans to swim in college. That was never something I had initially planned on when I began applying to schools. My initial plan was to move as far away from my hometown as my parents would let me go. In fact, I think it was pretty much fate that lead me to […]

Race Transfers

Why I’ve decided to drop down from the half marathon distance to the 10K distance for my upcoming race, and why it’s been the best decision I’ve made for myself this summer race season. I had a great start to the year running wise. I ran my first official 10K which was an awesome way […]

How I Didn’t Let My Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Get the Best of Me

Once upon a time, I was just your average 22 year old. I had just finished my collegiate swimming career, graduated college, and I thought I was healthiest I’d ever be in my life. Little did I know that in three months, my life would change completely. In the weeks leading up to my yearly […]

Why I’ve Learned to Love 4:30am Wake Up Calls

It’s hard to remember a time in my life when I didn’t have an early morning wake up call. For many athletes, it’s pretty typical to wake up during the very early morning hours to get a workout in. Early morning workouts are associated with chasing dreams, determination, and motivation. (Some may say a little […]

No More Training Left

This week has been one that I have looked forward to for many months: the week of my first marathon. I have A LOT of feelings right now, mostly excitement, but part of me also can’t believe that it’s almost May 18. I started training for this race on December 3. It’s been 23 weeks […]

Dear Jess (An Ode to My Running Buddy)

This is my running buddy, Jess. We are co-workers turned good friends who a little more than a year ago decided that we could totally run 3 miles for coffee and donuts. I don’t think either of us expected that race to turn us into avid runners, let alone lead to training for our first […]