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Chronic Illness, mental health, Type 1 Diabetes

The Good Diabetic

Good: adjective. To be desired or approved of. The Oxford Dictionary I share a lot of aspects of my life with people, and I find that I am the most open about my life with Type 1 Diabetes. This wasn't something that happened overnight, but rather it came from me being frustrated with stereotypes surrounding… Continue reading The Good Diabetic

Chronic Illness, mental health, Type 1 Diabetes

A Letter to My Newly Diagnosed Self

This letter has rapidly become a lot longer than I was anticipating so I'll try to end it, but I want your biggest take away from this to be that you're going to be just fine. I know it doesn't seem like it, and I know that the only real way you're going to believe that is with time. You are a very strong person, and you've made a lot of people in your life incredibly proud by how you've handled what you've been dealt. You're going to be sad for awhile. You might even find that in a few years from now, you'll still be sad some days, but it gets easier. Soon it'll all become habit, it'll all become routine. Even on the days where it feels like you're riding a bike that's on fire and everything around you is on a fire, just know that you're doing great.